Why AppAttribution?

With AppAttribution.io you can unify all your users marketing activities into one powerful platform, giving you the insights you need to generate more revenue.

No matter how big your client base is, AppAttribution.io provides more data security, flexibility and better reporting than any other attribution partner.

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    SDK Integration

    Step one is to integrate our lightweight SDK (< 100KB) to your app with just one line of code.

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    Track In-app Events

    Unlimited Custom Events with Correct Attribution to Source

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    Once SDK is integrated you can see reports and logs in Real-time in your Account.

Fraud Detection

AppAttribution.io Fraud Detection system start monitoring user behaviour from first click with time on every action to protect every install. We mark every click spamming, SDK spoofing, hyper engagement,¬†suspicious IPs and click injection, so you don’t have to.

Stop paying for simulated or fake installs and see real KPI of your app of real users.

Improve user Retention rate

Enrich your campaign data with a fully customized in-app event scheme tailored to your conversion funnel. Tie unlimited raw campaign and event data together with your app’s metadata to understand user trends and get actionable insights.

Our testimonials

Highly recommended!
Appattribution support is extremely Good. They go in Depth to help you figure out the problem within the constraints available.

Rohit Jaiswal
Director at Couch App

Appattribution.io giving us a complete picture of user journeys across platforms. This has allowed us to make more informed marketing decisions and ultimately drive higher return on ad spend.

Telson Thomas
Director at Dudeapp

Appattribution.io is a fully flexible solution that gives us insight beyond just click and install, we can investigate all our downstream events and optimize towards our goals.

Rahul Chopra
Manager at Vistara

Appattribution dedicated support make them an irreplaceable component of our MarTech stack. They diagnose problems very fast and have complete knowledge.

Abhishek Bhardwaj
Designer at Sagoon App

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